Friday, May 31, 2013

Klamath River: The Tease TR

Amidst reading Cadillac Desert, an amazing book about the settling of the West and they history of its water development, it was interesting to head up to the heavily dammed Klamath River in search of good fish and good times.  Meandering through the wildland marshes of the headwaters while then seeing the contrasting side effects of redundant dams was a lesson in history.  When we launched our boat below a spillover dam spitting chocolate, warm water, it was hard to imagine fish of any size or health.  But survivors there be.  Here was the first fish of many.  The first picture of some upcoming trip reports.

Honest to god this fish had some half-pounder in him. For a foot-long it sure fought like a wild deuce. David Lass of TU on the net and Odin on the watch.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Back on the Bench

It's been too long.  With trips, travel, work and general lifery, the bench can sometimes get neglected.  Feels good to be back on it.

Some high-water, off-color, run-off ties. Jighead Hat-Trick-esque streamers, Pat's Rubberlegs and my own variation of Lightning Bugs.

Details and recipes to come.

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