Saturday, May 21, 2011

Let's face it, we all hate strike indicators.  I know some people can turn a blind eye to the 'worm dunking' visual similarities of and vouch for their fish striking assistance, but in we all know that they look cheesy, they cast terribly and their use is too one-dimensional.  That's correct, strike indicators can be two-dimensional.  Take this for instance.

Some Hoppicators I recently tied up.

The Hoppicator.  Mikey Wier, who I've admired as an angler for quite some time, originally tied the Hoppicator as an indicator fly with so much damn foam on it that it could suspend up to three flies below. We've all used hopper dropper set up's before and they're by far one of my favorite set ups to fish. But ultimately adjusting the length (depth) of your dropper flies is a re-rigging nightmare.  So the Hoppicator has mono loops tied directly into the skyscraper of foam so a simple loop-to-loop connection can attach the Hoppicator to your leader and the tag end of the loop-to-loop passes through the tail mono loop to then attach your tippet and your flies.  Genius.


  1. These look great, gotta love the hoppicator. And eff it-- I love bobber fishing.

  2. Thanks Brian. And yeah, bobber fishing ain't so bad, I mean considering how much I do it I better have at least at little fondness for it. But I do like the Hoppicators and do have some more terrestrial indicators on the way. By the way, I dig your site/sites and love your tying, so thanks for the inspiration.

  3. I tied up a Hoppicator and I'm having trouble with the loop to loop connection slipping. Any advice?


  4. Trying tying the mono loop smaller. I've found that a tight, small loop, especially on the front loop, makes for a more secure loop to loop connection. Although I'm working with some new materials to make the Hoppicator better...Hopefully inspiration will strike soon and it'll be more secure and float more true.


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