Friday, August 19, 2011

I think I just figured something out...

If all the Caddis literature and LaFontaine's Sparkle Pupa theories are right, then perhaps I just stumbled upon something here.  Being full on Caddis season here in Nor Cal, I've been fishing many of my various 'adventures-in-fly-tying' Caddis imitations.  Some have worked brilliantly and others have been brushed off the faces of trout who ignore the creations like they were pieces of shiny garbage floating downstream.

Taking the good pieces of what worked, throwing out the bad and adding some additional features brought me to the vise and into this guy.

Now at first you can possibly see the vestiges of a caddis pupa, but the outline is far from an pupa.  Yet, a lot of the fish from this past week on the Truckee and East Walker were keyed on a similar trail tie.  But this one differs in one major aspect because of one special material used in a way I haven't used it before.

 It gets wrapped in bubbles like a kid in a soapy hot tub!  No sunken floatant here.

Beadhead and non-Beadhead versions. 
All in all, this hasn't been fished but through some of my little water-in-a-bowl experiments I'm hoping that the 'trapped air technology' pulls some tail. 

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