Friday, October 5, 2012

Pictures of Fish

Because that's why we do it right? All the preparation, research, education, money and hook a fish, take a picture of it and give it back to the waters.

Well that's probably the most over simplification of what us bug slingers do and I love to joke around that all I'm out on the river to do is take some pictures with some beautiful fishies like some sort of celebratory chasing paparazzi.

Obviously there is much much more to it and much more happiness gained from fishing than taking pictures of specimens perfectly evolved to thrive in fresh water streams.  April Vokey wouldn't have sworn off the "grip and grin" if it didn't have some truth to it.

But for me, and I'm no ichthyologist (but my Uncle is), and I believe with careful, mindful and quick handling, one can take a nice little shot to remember those magical days on the river.  Plus, from my experience, I have gotten a few non-fly-fishy friends into fly-fishing through the power of showing what lives in the rivers right out of their doorstep.

So that being said, here's some specimens right out my doorstep.

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