Sunday, May 13, 2012

12 Inch Fish

One might scoff at the idea that catching a foot long fish might be exciting.  Especially when the Truckee River some holds mythological giants in it's dark corners and tight seams.  But the fact is, a lot of people around these parts keep getting excited about catching fingerlings.  That's because the story goes, there never really use to be that many juvenile trout spotted in the Truckee.  It was donkey or nothing.  With the relatively new Wild Trout section and regulation, some are theorizing that the health of the fish populations has never been better.  I'm not a fisheries biologist so I have no comment nor theory on the matter.  But I do say I still enjoy catching fish, whether they're Ball Park Frank length or not and I sure hope that those with the theory are right.  It'd be amazing to see a population explosion on this river.  Then we might be able drop the "Toughee" nickname and call it the "Still pretty Toughee but not as Toughee as it used to be".

A little beauty

Quite a healthy looking fish.  

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